List of Contributing Projects

STRAD, Street Art Drone.
French National Research Agency (since 2022).
TIR4sTREEt, Thermal InfraRed for Street Trees.
French National Research Agency (since 2022).
dark-NAV, Navigation in GPS-denied Dark Environment using Aperiodic Flash-based Photolocation.
French National Research Agency (since 2021).
VEHICLE, Advanced Hybrid Energy Storage System for Electric Vehicle Applications.
INTERREG V Upper Rhine program of the European Union (since 2019).
TOBACCO, Fault Tolerant Event-based Cooperative Control.
ECOS Nord Mexique (since 2019).
e-VISER, Event-based Visual Servoing.
French National Research Agency (since 2018).
ELCOD, Endurance Low-Cost Drone.
INTERREG V Upper Rhine program of the European Union (2017 - 2020).
CoreDrone, Tuning of Closed-Loop Control Strategies for a Drone Carrying a Cable-Suspended Load.
ICube project (2015 - 2017).
DexterWide, Cable-Driven Parallel Robots with Embedded Actuators.
French National Research Agency (2015 - 2019).
IRIS-sensors, Bio-Inspired Algorithms for the Realization of a Stand-Alone Vision Sensor.
French National Research Agency (2014 - 2015).
ARAVIS, Challenges to Overcome the Barrier of Sub-Micrometric Technologies.
French project financed by the global competitive cluster Minalogic (2007 - 2011).