TOBACCO: fault TOlerant event-BAsed Cooperative COntrol

The TOBACCO project (2019-2023) aims to develop a fault tolerant event-based cooperative control strategy for micro UAVs carrying a load suspended by cables. It is a joint project between GIPSA-lab (Grenoble) and ICube (Strasbourg) in France, and BUAP (Puebla) in Mexico. The TOBACCO project is financed through ECOS Nord program (project IDs: MX_296702, FR_M18M02).


The TOBACCO project targets an event-based collaborative control for the formation and transport of a load by a multi-agent system. It is therefore proposed to share information between agents only at specific time instants (called events) in order to reduce the network usage. In addition, the shared information considered will either be through a physical link (reaction force when carrying a shared object), or through a digital link (wireless communication). A tradeoff between the quantity/quality of the communication link and the performance of the closed-loop objective will have to be established. The control must also be robust to a loss of the communication link, both the physical link (typically a break in the carrying link) and the digital link (transmission failure or limitation). An experimental device of co-carrying by micro UAVs of an object suspended by cables will be realized for the validation of the developed theoretical elements.


Event-based control, fault tolerant control, cooperative control, robotic systems.