List of contributing projects

TOBACCO, fault TOlerant event-BAsed Cooperative COntrol.
ECOS Nord Mexique (since 2019).
e-VISER, event-based visual servoing.
French National Research Agency (since 2018).
ELCOD, endurance low-cost drone.
INTERREG V Upper Rhine program of the European Union (since 2017).
CoreDrone, Tuning of closed-loop control strategies for a drone carrying a cable-suspended load.
ICube project (2015 - 2017).
DexterWide, cable-driven parallel robots with embedded actuators.
French National Research Agency (since 2015).
IRIS-sensors, bio-inspired algorithms for the realization of a stand-alone vision sensor.
French National Research Agency (2014 - 2015).
Persyval-lab, control the design of new computer systems combining "smart" interconnected devices.
LabEx (French program "Investing for the Future") & French National Research Agency (2013 - 2014).
Robotex, French national program of experimental platforms in robotics.
EquipEx (French program "Investing for the Future") & French National Research Agency (since 2013).
STAARS, supervisory techniques for autonomic, adaptive and reconfigurable systems (follows PEPS API).
Exploratory project of the LabEx Persyval-lab (2013 - 2014).
PEPS API, closed-loop control strategies for autonomic computing systems.
CNRS INS2I PEPS project (2011 - 2012).
TATIE, challenges to develop new theoretical tools for numerical systems (non-uniform sampling).
MSTIC project, Grenoble University (2008 - 2010).
ARAVIS, challenges to overcome the barrier of sub-micrometric technologies.
French project financed by the global competitive cluster Minalogic (2007 - 2011).