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International talks without proceedings

T7S. Durand, N. Marchand and J.F. Guerrero-Castellanos.
"A General Formula for Event-based Stabilization of Nonlinear Systems with Delayed State".
International Group of Research on Time-Delay Systems (GdRI DelSys), 2nd Workshop on Networked Control Systems.
Toulouse, France.
November 2013.
T6S. Durand and S. Lesecq.
"Dynamic Voltage and Frequency Management under Thermal Constraints in SoC: towards an event-based approach".
Design, Automation and Test in Europe conference (DATE'13).
Grenoble, France.
March 2013.
T5S. Durand and S. Lesecq.
"Control of the Energy-Performance Tradeoff in Multi-Processor Embedded Systems under Communication Constraints".
French-speaking Symposium on Modeling of Reactive Systems (MSR 2011), workshop on Control Theory for Autonomic Computing Systems.
Lille, France.
November 2011.
T4S. Durand, S. Lesecq, E. Beigné and Ch. Fabre.
"Low Cost Dynamic Voltage and Frequency Policy based upon Robust Control Techniques".
Software Technologies Concertation on Formal Methods for Components and Objects (FMCO 2011), special session on Programming for Future 3D Architectures with Many Cores.
Turin, Italy.
October 2011.
T3S. Durand, S. Lesecq, E. Beigné and Ch. Fabre.
"How to Reduce Power Consumption in Advanced Technology MPSoC Platforms: a Control point of view".
European Conference on Nanoelectronics and Embedded Systems for Electric Mobility (E-Mobility 2011), special session on Embedded Systems and Modules.
Graz, Austria.
September 2011.
T2S. Durand and N. Marchand.
"Dynamical Control of the Energy-Performance Tradeoff in Electronic Devices with High Technological Variabilities".
International Meeting on Smart Devices for Energy Efficiency (NEST 2011), invited for a special session on Real-Time System Design taking Energy Management into account.
Tours, France.
June 2011.
T1S. Durand and N. Marchand.
"Control of the Energy-Performance Tradeoff in Mono and Multicore Devices".
LIG (Grenoble Informatics Laboratory) keynote speeches, special session on Applications of Control and Optimization for designing Autonomous Computing Systems.
Grenoble, France.
June 2011.
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